Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are employed in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, Outpatient Unit and the Aged Care Assessment Team. Occupational Therapists provide rehabilitation services to clients in the hospital and community by promoting the independence of the individual and facilitating safety in the home and community. Education of patients and carers is a major part of the service that is available for the individual and in groups.

Equipment Loan Pool
The hospital has a comprehensive range of equipment to assist with independence in the home. Appropriate equipment is provided to War Memorial clients on a short-term basis following an assessment by Allied Health staff.

Outpatient Occupational Therapy
Referral Guidelines:

  • Geriatricians & Local GPs
  • Allied Health Professionals.
  • Occupational Therapists from local Public / Private hospitals for follow up.
  • Nursing Homes.
  • ACAT

Referrals can be made by doctors, health professionals, ACAT, relatives, family members and even people themselves who meet the criteria by ringing the Northern Network Access Referral Centre (NNARC) on 9369 0400

Occupational Therapists provide a valuable service for older people who are having difficulty performing aspects of daily living. They provide assistance with:

  • Safety In The Home.
  • Upper Limb Therapy.
  • Home assessments
  • Perceptual & Cognitive Review.
  • Pressure Care.
  • Equipment Prescription.
  • Splinting Assessment
  • Seating Wheelchair & Scooter Assessments & Prescription.
  • Physical Activity Groups.
  • Falls Clinic

The War Memorial Falls and Balance Clinic provides a valuable diagnostic and treatment service for older adults with balance impairment. Suitable referrals are those older adults living at home in the Eastern Suburbs, who have had recent changes to their balance or mobility skills. Clients may have had falls or have a fear of falling.

Community Independence Group
The Community Independence Group aims to encourage increased independence for patients recently discharged from hospital or frail aged persons who are at risk of becoming housebound.

'Walkwell' is a walking group for the frail elderly. This group runs for 10 weeks during school terms.

Tai Chi
'Tai Chi' classes for the frail elderly are run during school terms.
(groups run when there are sufficient referrals).

Lite & Ezy
'Lite & Ezy' is a chair exercise group for the frail elderly.

Stepping Out - A Falls Prevention Group
'Stepping Out' is an education program with exercises as an essential component This group runs over six weeks with ongoing exercise groups providing strength and balance training. It is for community-based people concerned about falling.


Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for older people.
Promoting physical activity for frail aged and elderly people including the development of better balance, strength and bone mass.


Health Promotion works in partnership with the Occupational Therapy Department to run groups.

Contact Occupational Therapists at War Memorial Hospital
Address: 125 Birrell St, Waverley
Hospital Switchboard: 93690100