Mission Statement


To achieve pre-eminence in the healthcare we provide.


War Memorial Hospital strives to provide health care services responsive to the needs of the aged and wider community and to maintain and enhance the quality of life in accordance with the spiritual values espoused by the Uniting Church in Australia through the UnitingCare Aged Care

The core values of War Memorial Hospital, Waverley are:

  • To respect the dignity and values of every individual
  • To strive to provide health care that is equitable, accessible and based on need
  • To respect the confidentiality of colleagues and patients
  • To ensure quality and compassion is the basis of all activities
  • To manage all resources to ensure they are used in the most effective and efficient manner to achieve the best possible outcome
  • To be honest and demonstrate integrity in all professional activities
  • To openly consult and communicate with all relevant parties to ensure that adequate information is available for informed debate
  • To ensure the continual development of individual professional skills, knowledge and experience
  • To promote and follow anti-discrimination practices and policies
  • To be accountable and ensure that consistency and professional behaviour is demonstrated at all times


  • To provide high quality services for patients and their carers.
  • To actively promote healthy ageing.
  • To be adaptable and flexible to the changing needs of the users of the services.
  • To incorporate current trends and practices in the provision of services.
  • To provide training, education and support for staff and students and to participate in relevant clinical research.
  • To manage the resources available to provide effective and efficient health care.
  • To promote active participation by patients and their carers in determining appropriate health care treatment.
  • To evaluate all service delivery to ensure these goals are being met.