Clinical Services and Specialties

Inpatient services:

• Rehabilitation unit (35 beds)

Outpatient services:

• Geriatric Medical Assessment Service
• Clinical Psychology
• Podiatry Services
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Social Work
• Speech Pathology
• Day Centre – Day Care offering structured individual and small group activities (dementia or frail aged)
• Continence Clinic
• Bone and Joint Clinic
• Parkinson’s Disease Multidisciplinary Assessment Clinic and services - also suitable for people with chronic neurological conditions requiring multidisciplinary assessment
• Parkinson’s Disease Information Program
• Falls Assessment & Injury Prevention Clinic
• Stress Management Program
• Carer’s Group
• Speech Pathology communication therapy group programs (Aphasia, Dysarthria, Dyspraxia, chronic severe communication impairments, facilitated communication, Parkinson’s disease ‘Speak Up’ programs)
• Aquatic Physiotherapy / Hydrotherapy
• Community Independence Group
• Move and Stay Well exercise program
• Multidisciplinary CAT clinic – cognitive assessment and treatment
• Health Promotion Groups and Programs (including Lite & Ezy Exercise program, Stepping Out Falls Prevention Program, Walkwell group program of supervised walks)

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT):

• Waverley ACAT

Transitional Aged Care Packages:

• War Memorial TACP